Crypto Security and
Analytics Center

for comprehensive sustainability and vulnerability assessment of crypto exchanges

About project

Today, in the hyper-dynamic crypto universe, almost 190 cryptocurrency exchanges operate. Everyday, individual and professional investors and traders are faced with a number of problems in choosing the right one among exchanges for their activity.

Based on a thorough analysis of such broad risk areas as liquidity, compliance and reliability, public opinion, technical, infrastructure and cybersecurity level, CER provides all-inclusive objective crypto exchange ratings.

We save your time and effort by thousands of hours of analysis, scoring and benchmarking, all you need – just make a decision and choose the most suitable exchange.


We provide 24/7 continuous analysis of a broad complex of data. The main sources of information are real accounts opened on every crypto exchange, which constitutes provides ratings, open and closed internet sources, media, blogs, chats, etc.

Data is becoming a subject to in-depth analysis and processing using advanced approaches of economic-mathematical modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning, linguistic programming, cybersecurity assessment and turns into inputs for our multi factor scoring model to get the most accurate estimation.

Our clients will get a high precision rating of cryptocurrency exchanges by a broad range of analyzed parameters of risk evaluation which significantly enhances their everyday decision making process.

Roadmap 2018

10 000 users
25 000 users
50 000 users
Liquidity Block
MAY 31, 2018

Market data and analysis reflected through real time and benchmarking score dashboards, periodic and score reports based on comprehensive risk assessment with continuous updating. The User-friendly and easily adaptive interface, allows getting a sufficient understanding of market conditions at a first glance, which considerably enhances the timing and quality of decision-making process for successful investing and trading.

Cyber Security Block
MAY 31, 2018

Cyber risk and vulnerability assessment reflected through real time and benchmarking score dashboards ensures safe trading and investing. Integrated alert system allows customizing sensible thresholds to get necessary warning signals on time and prevent possible cyberattacks beforehand.

Public Opinion Block
JUN 15, 2018

Detailed news, comments and feedbacks analysis presented with benchmarking score dashboard evaluates exchange’s reputation. Timely alerts help to be more flexible and reduce sensitivity to destabilizing events.

Compliance &
Reliability Block
JUN 15, 2018

Counterparty risk evaluation including withdrawal limits and terms displayed by real time and benchmarking score dashboards provide detailed information for effective financial transactions planning. KYC, compliance and legitimacy assessment through complex investigation and analysis of exchange’s country of registration law helps participants to assure legality of investing and trading activity.

Technical &
Infrastructure Block
SEP 07, 2018

Complex index score considers all trading infrastructure and service usability. Technical advancement level assessment and audit shows exchange’s operating sustainability and reveal any special features that enables fast order execution.

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