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All-inclusive objective crypto exchange ratings and analytics to make proper investment and trading decisions


Problems we solve

Today, almost 200 Crypto Exchanges exist. They generate a plenty of data that should be processed to determine the most trusted and secure of them. Consequently, it will help the community reduce a number of trading manipulations and hacking cases on the exchanges.





As result, you get the HIGHLY PRECISE RATING of cryptocurrency exchanges based on a broad range of analyzed parameters. It enables you to make an informed investment decision.
CER conducts the CONTINUOUS RESEARCH of a wide-ranging data that is undergoing the IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS with advanced approaches of Data Science and Security Assessment.





Version 1.0
Version 2.0
Version 3.0
Version 4.0
Version 5.0
Version 1.0

Rating service

The rating service covers 4 areas by which you can assess exchanges and compare them with one another, in particular these are liquidity, public opinion, cybersecurity and withdrawal and limits.

Liquidity real-time analytics

Liquidity real-time analytics bring essential information about current market condition by effective quotes calculation, trading volumes aggregation, markets comparison customized tool and market depth analysis, and also arbitrage opportunities identification.

Blockchain balance dynamic analysis

Blockchain balance real-time data provides an information about exchange balances, inflows and outflows amounts by the type of wallets, so called hot and cold wallets, which show the security level of deposits, substandard transactions and general trend of flow of funds.

Version 2.0

Personal user profiles
and subscription

CER platform suggests a lot of different individual settings. CER personal user’s profiles will keep all of the settings and preferences. It will give a possibility to use the settings among different browsers and different work stations.

CER subscription as a part of user account will allow to extend base functionality and receive an access to exclusive data researches.

News data aggregator

CER News aggregator works to collect, process and segregate an information from different media platforms and news sources to give you an essential, reliable and relevant information. You will be able to specify your choice using different settings.

Version 3.0


CER Reports provides different kind of periodic reports, digests, market overviews and researches with thorough analysis to give you a deep understanding of market condition. You will be able to form your own deep market view which will be based on deep market researches.

Notification service

CER Notifications helps you to control all the events takes place on market. CER Notification Robots will track an important events and levels to notify you when such event will happen or level taken. You will be able even to apply CER Notification Robot to your trading strategy and use different priority of notifications.

User Accounts Integration

CER Account provides an option for you to integrate your personal exchange accounts to Account profile to be able to track your aggregated portfolio, form consolidated statements and use customized analytical tools.

Version 4.0

User voting system

CER Voting is a system which gives the possibility for you to rank crypto exchange and leave feedback based on your experience. You can share your experience and influence on your favorite exchange grow.

Public opinion system

CER Public Opinion system will consist of public opinion analytical system and sentiment analysis system. It will collect and process an information from different public resources to provide you with extraordinary analytic based on advanced algorithms and methodologies such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. CER Public Opinion will be the first system which consider user’s feedback and experience from different angles and on such deep level.

Version 5.0

Portfolio modeling tools and analytics

CER Portfolio is a set of analytical tools which will help you to form optimal investment portfolios based on your requirements and restrictions, provide capital allocation insights and portfolio risk management tools.

High frequency data sourcing

CER Source allows API integration to get our data streams with maximum possible data transfer rate. You will find a lot of valuable real-time information even in such rapid area as high frequency trading.


Dmitriy Budorin
Acting Product Owner
Dmytro is ACCA; he worked at Deloitte for 8 years in various audit, ERP implementation, and project management positions. While at Deloitte, Dmytro won the Deloitte CIS Audit Challenge with his audit of a Big Data SAP solution, which CIS offices widely implemented. As of late, he has been one of the top executives in Ukraine's military defense industry. At Hacken, Dmytro takes a leading role: he is responsible for all managerial decisions and implementation of Hacken’s long-term and short-term strategic goals.
Serhii Dovhopolyi
Head of Project
Serhii has over 6 years of experience in software development and IT project leadership. He is a qualified specialist in a wide kind of projects: education, logistic, fintech, ecommerce, and data analytics. Half of the projects Serhii developed from scratch. Most of his working experience, Serhii worked for both enterprises and startups.
Oleksandr Serdiukov
Technology Head
Oleksandr has over 10 years of development experience in building enterprise software for such companies as SAP, Ericsson, Zoomdata, and Pitchbook. For the last 4 years he played key role in the development and architecture of complex analytical data solutions in finance industry. He graduated from Ukrainian Institute of Artificial Intelligence at Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science and earned Master degree.
Hleb Myrko
Head of Marketing
Hleb started his career as a co-founder of an educational project focused on African and Asian markets. Simultaneously, he worked for UvoCorp as a writing mentor and corporate trainer. Hleb has a Master's Degree in Management and Economics and is a certified inbound marketer. At Hacken, Hleb is responsible for generating demand on each strategic direction of the Hacken Ecosystem operations, including HKN token, HackenProof, CER, Hub Services, and HackIT Conference.
Dmitriy Fedorishchev
Head of Sales & Business Development
Dmitriy has over 10 years of experience in business development, sales, and project management. Before CER, he had been working for the Australian software company, one of the major software providers in the world mining industry. Dmytro’s responsibilities included promoting and facilitating software and consulting services to large and enterprise sized businesses. Dmitriy has a Master's Degree in Management and Economics and used to study in RSA and Canada.
Anton Kaminsky
Head of Business Analysis
Anton has 10 years of experience in the financial sphere and exchange-traded products development, with a Master’s degree in finance from Yu. Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. In 2017, he passed the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 2 Exam and became one step closer to getting his CFA charter. Before CER, Anton worked as an Executive Director of a leading Ukrainian Commodity Exchange.
Volodymyr Hryshakov
Senior Research Analyst
Volodymyr has over 6 years of experience in trading on US stock markets, with a bachelor degree in Finance. In 2017, he passed the CFA Level 1 Exam. Before CER, Volodymyr worked as a proprietary stock trader and as an analyst in a couple of HFT (High-Frequency Trading) and crypto-related projects.

News about CER

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Jul 19, 2018

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Jul 20, 2018

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