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All-inclusive objective crypto exchange ratings and analytics to make proper investment and trading decisions

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About project

Today, in the hyper-dynamic crypto universe, almost 200 cryptocurrency exchanges operate. Everyday, individual and professional investors and traders are faced with a number of problems in choosing the right one among exchanges for their activity.

Based on a thorough analysis of such broad risk areas as liquidity, compliance and reliability, public opinion, technical, infrastructure and cybersecurity level, CER provides all-inclusive objective crypto exchange ratings.

We save your time and effort by thousands of hours of analysis, scoring and benchmarking, all you need – just make a decision and choose the most suitable exchange.


We provide 24/7 continuous analysis of a broad complex of data. The main sources of information are real accounts opened on every crypto exchange, which constitutes provides ratings, open and closed internet sources, media, blogs, chats, etc.

Data is becoming a subject to in-depth analysis and processing using advanced approaches of economic-mathematical modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning, linguistic programming, cybersecurity assessment and turns into inputs for our multi factor scoring model to get the most accurate estimation.

Our clients will get a high precision rating of cryptocurrency exchanges by a broad range of analyzed parameters of risk evaluation which significantly enhances their everyday decision making process.

Roadmap 2018

Personal user’s profiles &

Our platform suggests a lot of different individual settings. There is an ability to setup each widget in the most convenient way for your particular needs. We will implement a personal user’s accounts to keep all of the settings and make it possible to use the predefined settings among different browsers on different computers. Individual subscriptions as a part of user account will allow to extend base functionality and receive an access to exclusive data researches.

News data aggregator

It’s easy to sink in oceans of news about cryptocurrencies and crypto economy. Even more difficult to separate really important news from informational trash. We will give you the most essential information from different media platforms even more you will be able to specify your choice.

Notification service

A lot of different events take place every day and sometimes it’s easy to miss something important. We will give you a notification system which pay attention to the most important events and levels and will send
you an updates to keep you up to date.

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